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Trivia 10/17/2020

on October 12, 2020 11:19:33am, by [GP]  

Role call inmates! We’re going to be running our second ever standardized test so the state can determine whether or not you all need more education. Last time we ran this test one of the inmates ran away with it leaving his fellow inmates behind. We’ve decided that since you can't judge a fish's intelligence on its ability to climb a tree we’ve picked a topic more closely aligned with Prison Struggle. The test will be done in our Discord #trivia channel, the link to our discord will be posted at the bottom. Our test will begin at a 9AM Prison Struggle time 10/17/2020. With the Trick or Treat event starting on the same day we have a lot of fun stuff for the player’s here at Prison Struggle coming up! We hope you all enjoy your time here at Prison Struggle, because when you’re here you’re here forever!