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Gang War Update 9/30/2020

on September 30, 2020 5:45:24pm, by [GP]  

Rolecall inmates! We noticed that some of our smaller gangs were not able to compete in gang wars. We want to make sure that even the little guys have the opportunity to get in there and ruffle some feathers. So we’ve reduced the requirements needed for Gang Wars. We’re hoping that these changes will allow more people to be able to compete.

The new requirements for your gang to participate are as follows: -2 Active Members -3 Members level 10 or higher -5,000 gang experience. A lot of the changes that we’ve made have come directly from our player’s own suggestions. We urge you that if you think something would be a fun and interesting addition to the game or think it would make the game balanced make a suggestion!

We hope you enjoy your time here at Prison Strugle, because you're here forever.