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Inmate Suggestions 9/17/2020

on September 17, 2020 3:20:36pm, by [GP]  

A few inmates have noted that some of our facilities seem a bit run down, and that they don't meet the standards of a modern prison. In order to bring our prison into the modern era we’ve been taking some suggestions from our very own inmates to see how they would improve their environment. In the future we will be looking at a better way for inmates to have their voices heard. We will be giving everyone the next seven days to look at some of the suggestions we’ve pick out so everyone has a chance to input their opinion.

Our first suggestion comes from Inmate Number 67:

The next suggestion come from an inmate that we’ve lost this year Inmate Number 347:

And our last suggestion comes from Inmate Number 132:

We hope that these suggestions will help you enjoy your stay here at Prison Struggle, because lets face it you’re here forever.