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500 Player Celebration

on September 01, 2020 10:58:41am, by [GP]  

Inmates line up! The team has a very special announcement to make. Today after a lot of hard work and brainstorming from the team in order to improve the Prison Struggle experience we hit our 500th registered player today. This is a huge milestone not just for the staff and those who volunteer for the team but also for the community. Yesterday we had a high number of players online for the last 24 hours, it was over 20% of the registered users. That kind of player retention means a lot to us. It shows that not only are the numbers improving for the game that more people are joining but also lets us know that more players are sticking around and a good portion of the player base is playing every day. To show our gratitude I’m going to be running a competition in chat, Every hour on the hour for the rest of the day starting at 1 PM Prison Struggle the event will continue on until 12:00AM. Every hour at the top of the hour every player will be able to participate!