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St Patrick's Day Event!

on March 15, 2024 9:51:20pm, by [P.G] MajorCustom StarCustom Star

Happy St Patrick's Day, inmates! 

We have added gardeners to Warden Lawes and Dante's boss fight loot pool. You may also buy clovers at the seed shop. The seed shop isn't open yet, so in the meantime, you can buy them here

We're making some changes to the Gardener. Gardeners will remain in boss fights year-round to keep a steady supply. However, they will expire after 30 days of usage and be removed from your inventory. 

We will also release two new gardening books and three new items in the coming days. The latest gardening books will allow you to harvest multiple acres at once. The three items are as follows: 

  • Lucky Charm- Increase boss fight drops for the entire party.
  • Horseshoe- Like a clover, but Christmas Cookie style! 
  • Pot of Gold- This item will be a PMC item but a brand-new type. It will provide you with a 1 million bank storage increase for each one in your inventory! 

The event will run until the 23rd of March. We hope everyone has a lucky week!