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Gang War Leaderboards + Roadmap

on January 04, 2024 11:09:20pm, by [P.G] MajorSL StarSL StarSL StarSL StarSL StarSL StarSL Star 

Good evening, inmates. 

I have credited gang medals to the top 10 for this month.  Congrats to the winners! 

Next month's rewards will be the following: 

1st: 18 Silver Medals

2nd & 3rd: 15 Silver Medals

4th & 5th: 10 Silver Medals

6th to 10th: 8 Silver Medals

I've also updated the Roadmap until October.  Remember that these dates are subject to change and are not yet fully completed.  These dates are just a good idea of when the events will occur.  I have not added Murphy to the Roadmap yet, but he will appear frequently, and hopefully, soon, we can get him on a schedule. Here's to another great year on PrisonStruggle!