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Christmas Results & New Year Update!

on December 30, 2023 5:02:03pm, by [P.G] MajorSL StarSL StarSL StarSL StarSL StarSL StarSL Star 

We hope everyone had a great Christmas.  Here are some results from the event.

Chef Dion trades:

T2 Santa Sets: 97 

Grinch Candy Cane Baton: 33

EggNog: 2,156


Santa Boss Drops: 

Candy Cane: 72,357

Present: 24,317

Christmas Tree: 197

Art of Manipulation: 105

Advanced Crimes: 65


For those who don't know, we are adding a New Years Event this year.  Starting at midnight tonight, we have a new boss arriving at the prison.  You may recognize him from somewhere...

Be prepared for a brand-new craft at Chef Dion with many new items arriving.  It's going to be a party!