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Major's November State of Play!

on November 17, 2023 1:53:32am, by [P.G] MajorSL StarSL StarSL StarSL StarSL StarSL StarSL Star 

Good evening inmates, and welcome to another edition of Major's State of Play!

We've got Thanksgiving right around the corner, and boy, do we have a surprise for you. Thanksgiving is all about coming together and giving thanks. So we've decided to show you how much we appreciate you! Chef Dion will return to the prison this year with his turkey dinners, but more. Much, much more. We've made the Chef Dion Boss one of the game's biggest, most lucrative loot pools. We are featuring items from all other events throughout the year. We've decided against nerfing dinners, drop rates, and ability. We believe Turkey Dinners are a great way of obtaining points for free-to-play players, and we will keep dinners how they are for the time being.

We've heard your feedback and decided to increase the point cap! This change will occur at the launch of the Thanksgiving Event and will consist of an additional 20,000 points of storage per security level. This will grant an additional 140,000 points of storage at security level 7. That's a whopping total of 270,000 point storage, assuming you don't have any purchasable upgrades or gang bonuses that increase it further.

Some plans we have for the future are:

An exclusive boss with a new loot pool system-We will talk about this more in a future State of Play.

Security level 8 - This will happen sometime in 2024, we do not have a release date at this time.

New Warden's Watchlist categories - This will include boss fights won and shower busts.

Regularly scheduled unread clue mini-event - This will occur like our other events, setting unique buffed items in the loot pool for a limited time.