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DevBlog - October

on November 02, 2023 6:43:34pm, by [P.G] WARDENCustom StarCustom StarCustom StarCustom StarCustom StarCustom Star  

Another glorious spooky season has come to a glorious end, we hope you enjoyed the new features and the evolving event. We wanted to ensure we made a fun and engaging event for all!

As always we’ve been busy making numerous updates and improvements around the game for your enjoyment, we’re constantly reviewing suggestions along with listening to feedback in Discord. So if you have a request or suggestion please go ahead and post a new suggestion.

We hear your feedback about the automatic rewards, we wanted to make it simpler for everyone but realized in hindsight the point cap caused an issue, which we have remedied.

  • Improve overall News and Login area of the game

  • Fix an issue where Stocks could end up being negative instead of going bankrupt

  • Added a Join Discord button to help promote the community Discord

  • Improved contests, so if all spots aren’t filled the contest would be cancelled

  • Improved performance of Gang Wars pages

  • Enable de-activation of Boss Hunter skill

  • Updated all notifications from Gang Wars to be sent in Events

  • Added cookie banner for our friends over in the EU

  • Add in self exclusion for 50/50 and contests

  • Fixed the color of usernames for statuses

  • Add game time on mobile

  • Added EXP to Boss Fights

  • Added a timer which says how long until you can create your next Boss Fight

  • Fixed Shower Busts counts on the Cell page