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Halloween Event Winners!

on November 01, 2023 1:52:34am, by [P.G] MajorCustom StarCustom Star

Congrats to everyone who placed in this year's Halloween Event.  

Golden Pumpkins:

1st: Punisher

2nd: SilverHaze

3rd: Exxonia

4th: HugCallo

5th: ThugCallo

Zombie Infections:

1st: Peanuts

2nd: Caretaker OG

3rd: CrowToes

Zombie Kills: 

1st: Th3 Jok3r

2nd: HTA35R

3rd: BillyWavo

All rewards have been credited, we are using a new system to credit placement rewards automatically so please contact me if you have any issues.

We will be announcing the winners of the raffle tomorrow morning.  

I hope everyone had a great Halloween!