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Halloween Event Thoughts, Tricks, and Changes!

on October 17, 2023 10:47:12pm, by [P.G] MajorCustom StarCustom StarCustom StarCustom StarCustom StarCustom StarCustom Star 

Good afternoon, inmates! We hope you are enjoying the event so far; we'd like to discuss some in-depth details about the event, our thoughts, and upcoming changes. 

Trick or Treating: The Trick or Treat option is under all player profiles, within "Actions". Doing so will consume 20% of energy and 20% of nerve. Giving you a chance to obtain Halloween Candy and Golden Pumpkins. But be warned, you may just get tricked instead!

Infection spreading and killing zombies: Once infected, you can attack other non-infected inmates to turn them into mindless zombies, which creates a drug-like effect inducing a stat buff or nerf from -100% to +50%. We've added a one-minute cooldown per person to obtain points for the leaderboard. This prevents players from farming points with health pills and forcing random attacks.

New Items: Amphetamines are a powerful drug that you may only take once daily and lasts 15 minutes. It provides a 100% stat buff to all base stats. We plan to keep this drug relatively rare, given its overpowered nature.

Antidotes remove the infection, allowing you to reroll or remove your zombie stat change. This also works with any other drug in the game, removing the effect. Being under a drug effect removes your ability to train, so we thought this would be useful.

Xylazine is a fun one. This drug makes you infected for 5 minutes with the ability to stack. So, if you get tired of hitting the zombie every five minutes when competing in the leaderboard, you can stack a long one to save time. It has a fun aspect of infecting players all year around and provides a random stat change from -100% to +50%. Making it a strong drug if you are lucky.

Ski Mask & Ninja Cloak, the ultimate duo pair of items. The Ski Mask lets you attack another player anonymously, while the Ninja Cloak masks your online timer. This will make it harder for other players to detect who they are being anonymously hit by. We like this fun dynamic and hope to release more items in the future that correlate this well.

Slice of Pumpkin Pie, this item is long overdue. This allows you to reduce your book reading time by one hour, making it a unique item. We've wanted to implement this ability for a while and thought this was the perfect time. We plan on making this item available in various ways until the end of the year, as Pumpkin Pie is typically enjoyed on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Finally, the Halloween Basket. This item is the best of all worlds, giving you the chance to drop all of the new items released at this event while giving you the chance at some rare prizes. We also will be adding Halloween Baskets to clue rewards for a limited time. Starting NOW. We will keep this up for a few days until we return to the regular loot pools. You will drop more baskets, the higher valued traded item. Up to 50 Baskets when trading for the top loot pool items.

Changes: We buffed the Golden Pumpkin drop rate overall. Based on current statistics, we will drop around twice as many Golden Pumpkins as last year. This is why we increased the cost in the shop. However, we overshot this. We will be reducing the price of Werewolf Outfit, Moon, Pack Pride Relic, Vampire Suit, Blood Bag, and Ancient Relic from 450 Golden Pumpkins to 350 Golden Pumpkins. We've also reduced the cost of Pumpkin Pie and Halloween Baskets in Chef Dion. We will continue to make positive changes for the best balance.

We understand Zombie Kills have been quite underwhelming, from infections only lasting five minutes to only active players being available to gain points naturally. We will add a new feature to make this more competitive within the next week. We will announce this when it drops, as we are still working out the details.

Also, you can visit Escamillia's Hell House to visit the exclusive Halloween shop. Happy Halloween!