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DevBlog - September

on October 01, 2023 2:48:41am, by [P.G] WARDENCustom StarCustom StarCustom StarCustom StarCustom StarCustom Star 

It’s been a month of quality of life improvements to make the facilities more enjoyable for our wonderful in-mates. We have also been working on an exciting update to the Halloween event, we listened to the feedback from last year and have opted to improve the transparency of Trick or Treat and to balance the feature better. Furthermore, we’re bringing back an exciting Infection aspect to the event, along with multiple leaderboards and exciting prizes.

As per the roadmap, which is a great place to vote on the future of Prison Struggle, the event will run from October 16th - October 31st! So get ready, spook up your profiles, and dig into the fun that is our Halloween event. Look out for Major’s state of play which will further expand on details of the event later int he month.

Amongst the Halloween update we’ve worked on a number of other improvements in the background:

  • Added Google & Facebook social logins to accounts, you can link your existing social account via the Preferences page to make logging in even easier

  • Added the ability to withdraw and deposit multiple items as once from the Gang Armory

  • Fixed a bug where you couldn’t upgrade specific Gang upgrades

  • Improved the invite system for Boss Fights, showing that you have an invite on every page, and moving the invite list to the main Boss page

  • Added ability to automatically advertise Boss Fights, with a button which enables any player to automatically apply to join the fight!

  • Moved “My Prison Ads” under a general “Prison Ads” page, and improved the UI

  • Improved error message for joining a Boss Fight from the wrong city

  • Fixed a bug where on the Boss Fight prepare page it’ll show red for 49% energy, even though you can participate in a fight with 49% energy

  • Improved initial event sent from an apprentice to the mentor, added events for messages between the apprentice and the mentor

  • Finally fixed the Daily Tasks on reset, now a player will automatically reset all of their tasks, for free, on any reset

  • Fixed a bug where we showed the voting options on the Roadmap even if the user had voted

  • Added a new roadmap snapshot to the Cell to look to get more exposure and votes on the future items for Prison Struggle. Voting on these will remove this from the Cell

  • Fixed bugs when resetting that you could get the error screen, and the reset would work, but it would not be a good experience

  • Fixed an issue on mug contracts with an error screen