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DevBlog - August

on September 02, 2023 12:54:52pm, by [P.G] Custom StarCustom StarCustom StarCustom StarCustom StarCustom Star  

What a wonderful and warm August, most likely, global warming is real, the prisons A/C has been down for years. Hope you enjoyed the sweating!

We saw great participation across the game in the Gang Wars Leaderboard, we’ve given out all prizes as of yes and we’re excited to see how the leaderboard will look this month.

  1. Fuck The Population - 1,941 Medals

  2. The Syndicate - 1,584 Medals 

  3. Born To Kill - 1,380 Medals

  4. Ready Player 1 - 1,063 Medals

  5. Born 2 Kill - 563 Medals

  6. Rabid Widowmakers - 511 Medals

  7. FTW Warriors - 467 Medals

  8. Bad Boys - 435 Medals

  9. Independent Soldiers - 389 Medals

  10. GD Killers - 382 Medals

Thanks to every gang who participated! We love to see so much involvement in the new war system, and always appreciate any and all feedback.

Furthermore, we released a number of other features throughout the month:

  • Fix an issue where some Gang Wars could contain no eligible members

  • Add new inventory equipment slots

  • Update the inventory UI to improve and modernize aspects of it, and improve the equipment slots view

  • Add more contests to automatically appear and improve their rewards and sizing

  • Order the clues and the item drop downs to help with solving the queues

  • Add new player status labels to profiles to show when players are in the showers, jail or behind guard protection

  • Fix the challenges with Gang Wars

  • If two players speed are equal show this as part of the attack