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DevBlog - July

on August 05, 2023 9:20:55am, by [P.G] WARDENCustom StarCustom StarCustom StarCustom StarCustom StarCustom Star  

It’s been a busy month here in the confides of the Prison Struggle walls, we’ve seen the much anticipated Gang Wars feature released, along with some other general improvements throughout the game. We’ve also continued to gather feedback through the floating “Feedback” widget on the site, we appreciate all of you for sharing how you feel about the state of the game and the new feature.

We intend to continue to tweak the Gang Wars update (and others!) to best facilitate the players, and make sure it’s a fun and exciting feature for all.

Alongside this, we’ve also seen other updates:

  • Add new Item Upgrades for SL3, SL5 & SL7

  • Resolve other Item Upgrade links with Gloves

  • Fixed an issue with the Item Guide showing items in the wrong sections

  • Optimized how we determine a players location for the country Hall of Fame

  • Fixed a bug with multiple badges being displayed for a user after their username

  • Optimized the Gardening feature, ensuring the page loads quickly and operations do not take an exceedingly long time

  • Enable more items to become available on the Prison Auction

  • Fixed an issue with the Max Level for SL7

  • Update the description for the Art of Combat: Self Defense book to better reflect the books benefits

  • Resolved an issue where the EXP buff from Wise Old Man’s dailies did not correctly reflect the percentage, and refunded those who used this with Glass Shards