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DevBlog - April

on May 01, 2023 10:14:37pm, by [P.G] WARDENCustom StarCustom StarCustom StarCustom StarCustom StarCustom Star 

It's been another incredible few months; we missed the last DevBlog as we focused heavily on attracting new players. So I'd like to personally welcome all the new players to the game! We're continuing to invest heavily in promoting the game through multiple areas, and we're excited to continue to grow our player base and inmate counts.

Stealing a little thunder from Major's State of Play, we're planning some exciting changes, from Security Levels 7 & 8 to Gang Wars updates. However, you'll have to wait to find out more on the 15th with his update.

We've got a few more significant updates to speak on. Firstly, from the roadmap and in the same vein as promoting our newer players, we've overhauled Security Level 0's EXP. This makes it easier for players to enjoy the prison facilities and get a taste of the game as they progress through each reset. Every player has automatically moved into the correct new level based on the new EXP chart for Security Level 0. There are no changes to any other security level. We've also removed the entry requirements for the first few Boss Fights to make these more available for newer players, along with ensuring new players won’t consistently end up in the showers from their first 10 levels of crimes.

The second item from the roadmap we've implemented, is reducing the time to disband a Boss Fight from 24 hours, down to 30 minutes. We hope this helps reduce the clutter in the Boss Fights page.

We have also revised the Warden's Watchlist, as we consistently saw no or low participants in the hourly category and wanted to ensure the watchlist provided good competition and rewards across the board. Due to this, we decided to remove the hourly category and increase the point rewards for the daily and weekly rewards across the board. We've also updated the city page (Panama etc.) to reflect the previous day's winners.

There have also been several smaller changes throughout the previous two months:

  • Add a new leaderboard system to our events
  • Add new seeds into Boss Fights
  • Enable more straightforward modification and addition of clues
  • Enable game events to have Daily Visit rewards unique to the event
  • Fixed issues on the Upgrade Store on mobile
  • Removal of personal shop minimum cost
  • Fix bug ensuring stamps are rewarded from Gang Wars, rather than Refer Money
  • Fix bug regarding multiple aspects of Gardeners; they are now fully functional
  • Fix bug with enabling energy & EXP game events, and we had a 50% EXP event this last weekend