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DevBlog - February

on March 01, 2023 10:07:24pm, by [P.G] WARDENCustom StarCustom StarCustom StarCustom StarCustom StarCustom Star 

It’s been a great start to the year, and we’re excited to share some more details about the Valentine’s day event. It was wonderful seeing all inmates share the love so passionately and effortlessly across the prison. The introduction of the Cupid’s Bow and Arrows presented a new way to play and handle those bullies hiding behind Guard Protection.

There are currently a total of 66 Cupid’s Bow in the game, allowing their holders to distract those behind Guard Protection. We also saw 501 Cupid’s Arrows drop, the ammo required to make the bow effective.

Furthermore, we’re excited to announce a complete rewrite of Chef Dion! His trades will now be updated frequently to reflect the current state of the games economy, events and react to other factors that could make his trades highly lucrative. So be on a the look out for his new trades.

  • Added Boss Preference to users Cell for Boss Fights

  • Removed the Failure Potential for the SL reset

  • Fixed issue with Daily Tasks on SL reset

  • Fixed issue where trading on Chef Dion could break if you had already completed one trade

  • Added new public Boss Fight page

  • Add new Roadmap feature

  • Resolved issues in Valentine’s Day Event

  • Allow Points trading with Chef Dion

  • Add Inventory amounts to Chef Dion