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Major's Janurary State of Play

on January 15, 2023 4:48:48pm, by [P.G] MajorSL StarSL StarSL StarSL StarSL StarSL StarSL Star 

Goooood afternoon inmates, and welcome to another edition of Major’s State of Play!

We had quite the holiday celebration with the Christmas Event and would like to personally thank each and every participant for making it such a fun and engaging event. There were laughs, eggnog, boss fights, and most importantly candy cane flamethrowers!

We now shift focus to a more loving and fragrant scented event! Majors Love Emporium will be stopping by the prison to deliver some Valentine's roses so you can send them to your favorite inmate for a training boost they will certainly appreciate. The event will take place February 12th - 16th. So mark your calendars to be that special someone in an inmate's life.

The Committee Player Panel Page has been live for some time and we are excited by the number of applications we have received already. Keep those applications coming as Warden and I will soon be reviewing and selecting the committee to represent the player base. We look forward to everyone's ideas to help shape the future of Prison Struggle. Find more information here.

Custom Stars have been rolled out and it's nice to see everyone's creativity shine through their stars. We have skulls, hearts, and many more excellent star images floating around the prison. Get yours today in the upgrade store!

We have heard feedback from a few inmates on the point cap increase and the possibility that the requirements should be tweaked. We are intently watching a suggestion thread about the point cap increase. Please participate in the thread to have your voice heard if you are of the player base looking to benefit from a points cap increase. Find the thread here!