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Christmas Event Recap

on December 29, 2022 9:35:25am, by [P.G] WARDENCustom StarCustom StarCustom StarCustom StarCustom StarCustom Star 

What a phenomenal Holiday event, great turn out across the game and a huge amount of activity with our Santa Boss fights. You certainly kept Santa and Chef Dion busy with a total of 3,526 Santa Fights, winning 3,395 of them! You got heavily rewarded by Santa himself, so it was clearly the season of giving:

  • 32,090 Candy Cane's 
  • 10,588 Present's
  • 128 Total New Santa Suit's
  • 94 Candy Cane Baton's
  • 24 Advanced Crime's
  • 420 Christmas Ornament's

You used the slew of gifts and rewards to require Dion to work considerable overtime, the community here had him cook up:

  • 2,411 EggNog's
  • 693 Turkey Dinner's
  • 6 Santa Flamethrower's

As we progress throughout the year, I imagine we'll see the availability of these items dwindle and increase in value, as you won't be able to get most of these until next Thanksgiving & Christmas. We have temporarily re-enabled the ability to trade for a Santa's Flamethrower.

We want to thank everyone who participated in this event, and provided feedback. Along with those slamming public Turkey Dinner fights and making this an inclusive event for all. We welcome all feedback in the announcement comments section.

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