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Major's December State of Play

on December 15, 2022 3:44:46pm, by [P.G] MajorSL StarSL StarSL StarSL StarSL StarSL StarSL Star 

Goooood morning inmates and welcome to another edition of Major’s State of Play!

The holiday season is upon us and with it comes the winter festivities. Prisoners celebrate the winter holiday season despite the restrictions of their environment. Many inmates decorate their cells with festive holiday decorations and make handmade cards to share with their fellow cellmates. They organize holiday events such as mugging and boss fights, all in festive spirits. They may also arrange for a special dessert to be served on this joyous occasion.

December 17th Santa makes his way back to the prison and the holiday event begins! Santa’s Boss fight this year will feature 5 new items in the loot pool. A Christmas ornament, egg, sugar, nutmeg, and milk are all up for grabs this year. Take these new items to Chef Dion for some new delectably scorching holiday treats.

From the suggestions page, we have taken the top issues voted on by you and discussed by admins to bring some upcoming changes. We have been working diligently on these issues and will be rolling them out soon! 

  • New stars/symbols in place of current stars

    • We understand top-level players want the option to change the stars to new and exciting things. We agree. There are a few options we have been working through and look forward to player feedback

  • Upgrade/Update Boss event details and Boss fights from all prisons

    • A new event menu is in the works. We aim to show all the current boss fights and events going on from all the prisons around to help you stay connected to the action.

  • Fix the issue where the latest commenter becomes the author of the initial suggestion thread

    • We are aware of the issue plaguing the suggestion page. We are currently working on the solution, once it has been resolved we hope to see increased activity on the suggestions page.