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I have arrived!

on November 07, 2022 8:51:54am, by [P.G] WARDEN 

Bonjour bonjour! I must apologize for my tardiness, I had misplaced my Pumpkin Pie recipe and was desperately trying to find it, alas, I have arrived without my coveted recipe, so I look towards you all to provide me with some suggestions on what you believe this glorious pie should do!

Perhaps a stats gain? Unlock a new way of playing an aspect of the game? Let your imagination run wild!

I have however found a number of other items I'll be glad to trade with you, come see me frequently in the Rehabilitation center under Chef Dion and see what I have to offer. I only get limited quantities of some items, and they're only available during certain times, so make sure you visit as often as you can to see what I've got in stock for you.

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