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New Rules & Infraction System

on October 02, 2022 9:04:45am, by [P.G] WARDEN 

We have spent a long time listening and reflecting upon your feedback on the rules and enforcement in the game. We want to create a fair, transparent and enjoyable game for all our players and we realize this is a problem for both the staff team, and you all, the players.

Today we’re releasing our new rules & infraction system. This system aims to fill in a lot of gaps with our old system, the new rules take effect immediately and can be viewed on the Rules page. The previous rules are superseded by these rules and are no longer in effect. You will be able to see any infractions you receive on your users profile, and you will be notified via an event when they’re submitted.

These rules have been carefully curated and balanced with our view of the importance and frequency of the rules. Each new rule has a certain amount of infraction points, along with an expiry time, this aims to allow less severe issues serve as warnings without incurring punishments. This aims to have fairness and transparency built in, as you can see what the infraction has done to your account standing and will have a clear understand of which rules have been broken and enforced. Nearly all infractions expire, so we have built forgiveness into the system. Even permanent bans can be appealed after a 6 months period of time on a case by case basis. We’ve also introduced a new type of punishment, communication ban. This can be used as a soft warning for those breaking rules around our player communication and friendly game environment.

Furthermore, we’ve made requirements around the staff aspect of this system, all infractions will have player notes you can view, along with staff only notes for our understanding in future instances and appeals. We also require all infractions to have associated evidence, to ensure these rules are enforced fairly and can be reviewed effectively.

We welcome all feedback on the new system and the rules, and we’re looking forward to providing much greater fairness and feedback for issues that occur throughout the game.