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on September 01, 2022 9:39:30am, by [P.G] WARDENCustom StarCustom StarCustom StarCustom StarCustom StarCustom Star 

Welcome to September, we'll wake you up when it ends. We’ve been busy these past few months since our last DevBlog, and have made a number of fixes and changes to the game, along with introducing lots of new exciting features.

  • Fixed being invited to a Boss Fight group while in an existing group
  • Fixed images in gang descriptions expanding to over 100%
  • Fixed Daily Tasks goal values increasing as you level
  • Fixed issue with counting crimes & attacks in Daily Tasks
  • Fixed hourly Warden’s Watchlist not being credited at midnight
  • Fixed weekly Warden’s Watchlist to occur correctly at the end of Sunday, rather than the start
  • Fixed Art of Self Defense book not triggering correctly when attacking
  • Fixed wording for the Plant Crop challenge
  • Fixed performance issue on the Warden’s Watchlist page
  • Fixed stacking multiple mints above the limit
  • Fixed issues with Daily Tasks not being credited on completion of the task
  • Fixed being kicked randomly from Poker games, ensure players are credited correctly upon leaving the table
  • Added a new feature to hide or show Clues
  • Added new notifications for Support Center tickets for staff members to get responses sooner
  • Added previous winners view to Warden’s Watchlist and show the top 3 winners
  • Added new events for 2nd & 3rd place for Warden’s Watchlist
  • Added Warden Watchlist awards to user profiles and previous hourly winners to the City page
  • Added a new Frozen page with more information regarding the freeze
  • Moved to a new email service provider to send better emails
  • Automatically update “Vote” page when a user votes off-site
  • Added the ability to equip Gloves to Flamethrower
  • Integrated brand new Refer rewards system with tiered rewards and approvals

Stats For Nerds (and others)

As part of our DevBlog we want to show you how well new features are being interacted with, this data is accurate of the time of retrieval on August 29th.

  • 4,809 Daily Tasks completed
    • BROWN [93] & Assailant [41] completed the most Daily Tasks, at 87
    • 154 PMC acquired using Glass Shards
    • 54 Buffs activated using Glass Shards
    • 2,093 tasks were replaced, using 104,650 points
  • 1,156 watchlist drawings, 8,092 winners across 7 categories handed out
    • 446,375 total points awarded
    • 336 daily winners, with 60,000 points
    • 7700 hourly winners, with 274,375 points
    • 56 weekly winners, with 112,000 points
    • jebuteh [480] won the most points, with 28,500 total from 547 wins, nearly entirely in the Empty Pockets category while being inactive. We intend to only allow players active within the last 15 days to participate in the watchlist in a future update
    • Mater [3493] won the most points, while being active, with 21,075 points across the board of categorie