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Watchlist Improvements

on August 03, 2022 11:15:57am, by [P.G] WARDENCustom StarCustom StarCustom StarCustom StarCustom StarCustom Star 

I see you've all been busy working against my Watchlist!? I love to see it, great to see the best players rising up and competing.

I've setup a billboard in all our prisons across the cities, so from Panama to Sing Sing where you can see the winners of the last hours watchlist. Watch out for these players as they're gonna be moving ahead, why not knock them off for the next hour?!

City Page

I also want y'all to recognize the best of the best around here, so a new section on the prisoners profile page will show you all the awards they've received from my new program.

Profile Page

I've also made sure those who are banned and in Solitary Confinement are no longer able to earn my rewards. Who's gonna have the most medals for our 1000th anniversary?