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March Dev Blog

on April 03, 2022 8:32:21am, by [P.G]  

As we creep forward into 2022, we're happy to continue a level of peace and hope within the walls of all our great prisons here at Prison Struggle.

With each month we're continuing to fix the cracks in the walls and ensure our facilities are up to spec to ensure your stay with us is both miserable and life changing.

  • Fix staff name colors being applied incorrectly alongside top level
  • Fix mug contracts statistics limits 
  • Fix issue with slashes in ads causing errors
  • Fix boss invite causing an error with incorrect input
  • Fix SL5 link appearing on profiles
  • Fix total gang member contributions not loading on large gangs
  • Fix boss fight bribes and refunds
  • Fix an issue with multiple applications to boss fights being processed incorrectly
  • Fix an issue with new players opening bank accounts
  • Fix an issue with the registration form causing errors for new players
  • Update banned page to provide more information to banned players
  • Update preferences to remove legacy options which no longer function
  • Add new debugging tools for admins to help players