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February Dev Blog

on March 04, 2022 5:42:01am, by [P.G]  

Happy Valentines Day everyone, I hope you enjoyed the event and loved spreading love throughout the prisons, a rare occurrence compared to the normal blood and tears that we see daily within the walls of our prisons.

Over the course of February both myself & Oddblotter sadly had to take some time out due to medical issues, so we're slowly returning but we wanted to apologies for some delays in bug fixes & support center tickets.

However, we did manage to get a number of items improved over the course of the month:

  • Fixed issues with sending books while reading them
  • Fixed issue with Top Level being displayed incorrectly in the Hall of Fame
  • Fixed issue with Boss Fights being able to be applied too after they’ve started
  • Fixed issue with players country not being assigned on registration
  • Fixed issue with item market fees
  • Fixed multiple issues in the Valentines event
  • Fixed bonus defense from Liquorice