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January Dev Blog

on February 01, 2022 12:25:17pm, by [GP]  

Happy Lunar New Year Inmates! With the start of the new year comes the first Dev Blog of the year! We’ve got a lot of things in the works coming soon, but also want to keep you updated on the ongoings around Prison Struggle. 

Security Level 6 - For the first time we’ve added a new Security Level to the game, Security Level 6 brought new items and new skills!

Customizable Mobile Menu - With the launch of mobile last year we’re always working towards optimizing the experience players have wherever they play!

Players Online - Improved the ability to see player’s online via mobile. 

New Player Protection - Earlier in the month we saw a large influx of new players, hoping to foster a larger community we put in some protections for players who are new on the Cell Block. We are still looking at more ways to improve new/fledgling players. 

Viagra – Increased the amount of Viagra that can be taken every day to 3 per day up from 1

Failed Mugging Contracts - Removed a 5 per day limit on failed mugging contracts.

Gardening - Challenges that we’re based on gardening we’re broken, this has been resolved and should no longer be an issue. 

Remember Me - Fixed an issue where the remember me option when logging in would not resolve. 

Bank - Fixed an issue preventing players from using enter to deposit in their bank accounts.