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Security Level 6

on January 02, 2022 12:33:25pm, by [P.G]  

Psst, shady here. I've got a new plan for you high level respected members to escape once more. It's gonna be tough but I know a few of your are up to the task, as we've worked together previously on your five escapes. Let's make this sixth one really hurt the Warden's where it matters.

Come have a little talk with me once you're ready and we'll get things moving. You're gonna need to be tough, strong, and ready to beat the heck out of a bunch of high ranking Warden's. Gonna need you to collect illusive Key Card's from each Warden to help me open a bunch of secret doors I recently discovered, this is gonna aid in getting you out silently.

Alongside this I've created 3 new skills for you to level up, check them out under the Skills page: Warden Hunter, Treasurer & Criminal Mastermind.