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on October 17, 2021 2:48:47pm, by [P.G]

Starting today prisoners can begin to trick-or-treat for sugary goodies and unsavory tricks. There will be a few differences in this year’s Halloween from the previous year. Warden Escamilla is a big fan of horror and this spooky time of year in general through the 31st make sure to visit Escamilla’s Hell House where you can trade in Golden Pumpkins for rewards! In addition to Escamillia’s Hell House inmates in the infirmary are not going to be left out of the festivities this year!

If you have any golden pumpkins from last year you may notice they don't look as good as they used to. Once Shiny and bright is now gloomy and moldy! Storing Golden Pumpkins in his office fighting Warden Escamilla may reward you with a Golden Pumpkin or two!

PRIZES!!! Let’s get down to the brass tax, as prisoners and general villains I’m sure the first thought for a lot of you was “What can I get out of this?”. This year we want to do a Top 3 for big prizes

  •  1st - Insane Training Pack

  •  2nd - 20,000 Points Pack

  •  3rd - 5,000 Points Pack