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June Dev Blog

on July 01, 2021 6:06:25pm, by [P.G]

Afternoon Inmates! We hope you’re all staying cool in the sweltering summer heat! As with every month, we are communicating where our resources are being spent improving Prison Struggle. This month we’ve made quite a few changes, mostly focusing on player retention and minor fixes.

Merits - Merits are a part of our mission to improve retention, once an account goes inactive they will receive an email letting them know we miss them and they will build merits while inactive that can be used for refills when they come back!

Remove Plants - fixed a bug that prevented players from being able to remove dead plants from their gardens. 

Boss Bug - Fixed a bug with boss fights where the fight would not show all the players that participated in a fight if viewed again.

Bribe Guard - Added a feature where players are required to bribe a guard before they have the chance to fight a Warden.

Contextual Surveys - Added a new service that will allow us to poll users and compare the data in real-time!

Improved Item Tracking - In order to gain more information about the game, we’ve created reports for our staff that more accurately track where items go.

Improved Mobile Experience - Added links that were not available on the mobile version of the site.

Bust Counter - Fixed the counter that tracks shower busts.