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March Dev Talk

on April 16, 2021 8:42:01pm, by [P.G]

Have you ever wondered what the guards of Prison Struggle do around here? Here’s a bit of a recap of what’s been done around the Prison Struggle.

Gardening - One of the biggest overhauls since I’ve been a part of the team. The intention was to replace a feature that was used by a few and lacked overall depth. The team wanted to make something more interactive and engaging. To make the system and transition feel more complete a few things had to be kept in mind. The feature had to be at least as beneficial as it was, and it needed to be accessible for the entire community. We’re extremely happy with the result and look forward to adding more plants and garden-related things.

Contest- We love having these contests as a part of the game, there is an inexplicable excitement to winning a contest and receiving a large number of points or cash!  One issue we had once we moved to an automated system in contests would finish without all the seats being taken. We’ve removed 50 spot contest and extended the time to 7 Days

Riots- Fixed an issue where attacks on Guards would not give RP days automatically, and changed the announcement for riots to an event every player receives. We think that the event system is better suited for this information, and allows our announcement page to maintain a clean look.

Fixed Exploitable Candy - As the announcement, yesterday mentioned, there was an exploit being used that involved candy. As this came to our attention it was patched, and we’ve begun the process of eliminating cheating players.  It’s important to us that the game maintains its integrity and an aspect of that is providing a fair, competitive space for the game. 

Country- The game should now properly display the user’s country, the exception to this would be if a player is using a VPN that uses another country. This will more accurately depict information on pages that reflect the user’s country.

New Voting Sites- Some may have noticed that there are new voting sites added to the game. These voting sites and our position on them is one of the top ways that Prison Struggle acquires new players and adding new sites will reach more new players. The team decided to make the points reward for voting for all sites the same as it had been, in favor of adopting a voting bonus system at a later time. 

Menu Customization- Customizing the menu and being able to quickly go where you want to go within the game is important to play the game efficiently, to that note we’ve added Gardening and Boss Fights to the left-hand menu. You can toggle this feature in your profile preferences!

Big Numbers- With players grinding and trying to match each other, some players hit a ceiling due to how the game can handle values. Previously the game had a max value of a bit over 2.1 billion in certain areas. Changing the cap fixed issues with stats being capped and spying not displaying accurate information

Clues- Clues are the newest content additions to the game. Originally clues were designed specifically for the Easter event that just passed. One of the big design decisions was how to create more engaging and rewarding content within the game. With such a positive response the team decided it was the perfect permanent addition to the game, and added clues to boss drops. 

Seed Store- Fixed a bug regarding the seed store, selling Clovers outside the St. Patrick’s Day event

Pharmacy- Fixed a bug where items from the pharmacy had their duration reduced to 2 seconds

World Stats- Fixed issue with world stats not displaying the correct information, as well as added a new stat “Closest to God” which was the first world stat that gives a symbol for the person who owns the record. 

Guards- Guards were added to the game for players to complete their 4th reset, an issue occurred where the guards appeared on the Hall of Fame, as they are not real players they were removed from the hall of fame pool.