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Adjusted Turkey Drop Rates

on November 25, 2023 9:03:00am, by [P.G] WARDENCustom StarCustom StarCustom StarCustom StarCustom StarCustom Star  

We've seen over 1,300 fights against Chef Dion this year, already 300 more than last year, and we've got two whole days left of Dion blessing us with his tasty recipes. Across his loot pool he's dropped a total of over 25,000 items

We have listened to your feedback regarding the Turkey drop rates, and have provided Chef Dion with over double the amount he's been dropping until the end of the event. His stock is still limited, and they're still a rare item but you'll be seeing considerably more until the end of the event.

Furthermore, we've adjusted the Prison Boss Glove item to also increase supply to be better inline with the other Prison Boss items.

We're looking forward to seeing y'all continue to beat up Dion in the most loving and thankful way.