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St. Patrick's Day - March 16th - March 20th

on March 07, 2023 7:50:53am, by [P.G] WARDENCustom StarCustom StarCustom StarCustom StarCustom StarCustom Star 

Good morning green and non-green thumbed in-mates, St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner, and as always, we want to honor those who put in the grueling gardening work here in our fine prison walls. As you know, gardening provides vital resources to other inmates, but we’ve heard the feedback about how frustrating this feature can be.

Firstly, we have some general gardening updates, which will be permanent fixtures in the prison walls. We’ll be adding new Bonsai Trees, which can be grown at the same rate as Marijuana; however, these will be purchasable for $100,000 a seed, and the trees will be sellable back to the game for $300,000. A lucrative way of making some of those ever-important dollar bills. We also want to make it easier overall to sell your product, so we’re removing the minimum price from the Personal Item Shop.

We will also add a variety of Seeds to be obtained from the lower four Prison Bosses, ensuring new and old players can get their gardening groove on without purchasing seeds.

The most exciting part of this update is the introduction of Gardeners! You in-mates have a lot on your plate, with the criming, attacking, mugging, and other mischievous activities you get up to. The new Gardeners will be available from a few areas in the game, such as Daily Visits, Chef Dion & Auctions, however, they’ll be hard to come by as they’re going to change the way you garden.

Each Gardener will automatically water and grow seeds within a single acre; if you’re lucky, you can have multiple gardeners watering more of your acres. Sadly, they can’t access your cell, so those plants will still require your attention.

It wouldn’t be an update without some UI changes; we’re also going to revamp the gardening feature to make it easier to use and understand.

That concludes the permanent Gardening updates; we’ll also have a few specific St. Patrick's Day changes, which will only be active during the event from March 16th to March 20th. Firstly, we’re adding new Daily Rewards throughout the event; if you visited all days consecutively, you’d receive items like Land and a Gardener on the last day! We will also drastically increase the availability of Gardening books through Chef Dion and the Auctions during the event, so anyone with a green thumb can get the perks.

We’re also making some changes to Clover; it will become the Four-Leaf Clover; we’ll also be adding a new buff that grants 5% more points from a Boss Fight for 5 minutes; the cost of the Four-Leaf Clover will remain at $10m. We’re also introducing a Three Leaf Clover, a much more affordable plant to grow at just $1m; this will increase drop rates from Boss Fights by 5%; both of the seeds will only be available in the event, so stock up!

We look forward to getting our hands dirty with you and turning the prison acres into beautiful farms.