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Mobile Now Live!

on May 03, 2021 9:02:12am, by [P.G]  

It's been a long and frivolous route, but I'm excited to announce our mobile design is now live! This will make enjoying your favorite prison setting much more appealing while on the go! We've also added support for other devices such as tablets.

If you find any issues with responsive please open a Support Center ticket, we will then be able to prioritize and resolve the issues reported.

Mobile Navigation

We've removed the left navigation and replaced it with a mobile friendly navigation. We've chosen the 10 most important links and will be adding customization in for this menu soon.

Revised Page Layouts

We spent a long time going through all the pages in the games and optimizing the most important pages. We will continue to optimize more pages as we progress our mobile theme to be even more friendly!

Quick Actions for Money & Points

We understand the convinces of being able to Deposit All, and Spend Points from the profile section on desktop. So we've created quick actions available by clicking on your money or points in the mobile header.

Stats Bars

We know how important it is to be able to view your actual stat numbers, which is currently achieved via hovering over the stats bars. On mobile a simple tap on the stats bars will show you the actual amounts.

We hope you enjoy our new mobile experience and we're excited to incarcerate new prisoners thanks to our new modern interface.