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Warden's September DevBlog

on October 04, 2022 11:32:40am, by [P.G] WARDEN 

Another month has passed, and the Warden’s DevBlog returns, we'll be continuing to post this at the start of every month to give you development updates on the game. We’ve had a real big focus this month on new player experiences, which can be seen in the larger changes this month.

  • Fixed commenting issues on announcements: username displayed against staff feedback, formatting in both the announcement view and within comments themselves.
  • Fixed the formatting for the profile actions for deposit money, spend points etc.
  • Fixed various issues in the EXP event to allow us to run more frequent EXP events.
  • Fixed issue with new users not receiving mentors on sign up.
  • Fixed issue of users who haven’t logged in, receiving an error due to a mismatch on the mentor assignment.
  • Updated Gang Vault logs to show all logs, instead of just the last 3 days.
  • Styled the external news area to be more readable and provide a better experience to potential players.
  • Added in welcome screen for new players to greet them to the game and guide them towards the tutorial.
  • Added new welcome email & follow up email which further provides information to new players.

We’ll also be starting Major’s State of Play, to speak more about the current state of the game, features, updates, marketing & suggestions. We’ll launch the state of play on the 15th of every month! Look out for it this month on October 15th.